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Oxley Holdings Launches Impressive New Project at $1,700 per square foot Kent Ridge Hill Residences

In continuation of her impressive run of new property launches this year, Oxley Holdings launches an impressive and new project, Kent Ridge Hill Residence. The luxurious collection of apartments (which contains 548 units) situated along South Buona Vista Road will be called Kent Ridge Hill Residences and it will be officially opened to the public on the 20th and 21st October.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences is a restructured property that previously housed Vista Park—a collection of complex dwelling units that was purchased by Oxley in an enbloc deal in December, 2017. Oxley Holdings made a payment of $418 million which when calculated, sums up to a rate of $1,096 per square foot for the 3 hectare property.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences showflat marketing is set to become a joint one involving companies like Orange Tee & Tie, ERA.

There some benefits that this new property offers above the previously launched Oxley Holdings projects. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Variety in Units selection

There is a wide variety of units available to be selected on Kent Ridge Hill Residences. From single-bedroom units to five-bedroom terraced houses, lots of units can be selected. Not only are there various units divided according to the number of rooms, different areas per-square-foot are covered under a single unit type. For example;

One-bedroom unit types range from 474 to 646 square feet;

Two-bedroom unit types range from 646 to 893 sq ft;

Three-bedroom unit types range from 883 to 1442 sq ft;

Four-bedroom penthouse types range from 1518 to 1927 sq ft;

Five-bedroom plus a study penthouse range from 1776 to 1787 sq ft;

Four and Four-bedroom houses with strata terrace range from 1830 to 2067 sq ft.

The prices also vary according to area per square foot covered. One-bedroom units have prices starting from $1,641 per square foot ($778,000); two-bedroom units are set at $1,680 per square foot ($1.085 million), three-bedroom units at $1,730 per square foot ($1.528 million) etc.

Furthermore, there are three different views available for each unit for purchasers to pick; the view of the swimming pool, the Pasir Panjang port view and the view of Kent Ridge Park (100 units have this view).

Also, for the strata-terraced houses and penthouses, their dining and living rooms are floored using marble flooring while the other units are floored using porcelain tiles.

Additionally, all apartments will have a ceiling height of 2.7m apart from the top and bottom floors that will have 4.7m.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Oxley Holdings, Eric Low has stated that they could have built more units but they decided against it to make room for more space for each unit.

  • Nature-embedded Environment

The site where Kent Ridge Hill Residences is situated was picked intentionally because of its vast natural environment. Behind Kent Ridge Hill is a 47 hectares Park which is also linked to other parks like Labrador Nature Reserve, Mount Faber Park among others. It is also close to other facilities like VivoCity and Pasir Panjang Food.

Eric Low, in a statement said that the one of the reasons Kent Ridge Hill Residence is better than their other projects is that it has been designed to blend-in with nature. He further explained that a blend of wood and concrete were used to erect the apartments for this same reason. There are several architectural landmarks like Forest Walk and Waterfall bed—which were designed to give the environment a natural feel and outlook.

Even the chief executive officer of Oxley Holdings, Ching Chiat Kwong, in an interview emphasized on the difference between the former Vista Park environment and other sites and how much they love it.

Other Developments in the Pipeline

In this year alone, Oxley Holdings have launched a whooping eight development projects and they yet have two more developments to launch. Of the two projects, one is scheduled for November while the other will be launched in January.

The Plaza, which is located on Balestier Road is scheduled for the January launch. It will be a collection, made up of a residential building (which will contain 58 housing units and 14 shops) and six shophouses.

The Mayfair Gardens was launched on the 29th and 30th September. Adjacent it is another soon-to-be-launched site. It is called Mayfair Modern; deriving its name from the project adjacent to it. It will be launched in the month of November.